FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Face Value” hip-hop album from rappers jason chu and Alan Z centers Asian American history during APA Heritage Month

Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia, May 14, 2021: Face Value, a hip-hop album and multimedia project created by jason chu and Alan Z that puts Asian American history on record, is out today.

Following the release of singles “Model Minority” and “Making the Banned,” the full album spans a wide range of issues and experiences, including immigration, food culture, anti-Asian violence, microaggressions, and gender. Face Value includes collaborations from a diverse team of East, Southeast, and South Asian women and men creatives, including Ronny Chieng, Dante Basco, Ruby Ibarra, AJ Rafael, Zeda Zhang, and more.

“I hope the release of the album gives our communities and friends a pathway to healing and activism through our exploration of Asian American oppression and resilience throughout America’s history,” said jason chu. “The stories we tell on this album highlight history’s continued relevance today, as struggle and solidarity are birthed from tragedy.” “Remembering and naming Asian American history is necessary for the change and healing we wish to see in today’s anti-Asian climate,” said Alan Z. “A truthful record of the collective pain and power of Asian American experiences is at the core of the project.”

The project is presented by XRM Media. Supporters include: Andrew Chau (Boba Guys), Takashi Cheng (SueYa), Victor Cheng, Michael Y. Chow (Co-Founder, XRM Media), the Donald R. and Esther Simon Foundation on behalf of Maggie Hsu & Stuart Wagner, John Kim (Kobunga), Kevin Lin (former COO, Twitch), OCA-APA Advocates, and Katie Soo (SVP, HBO).

Face Value is available on major streaming services now.

Josh Ong

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