FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mikara’s Dreamy Single Debut, “you’re gonna miss me”


Based in California, Japanese American Pop artist Mikara debuts her new single, “you’re gonna miss me” with dreamy honey coated vocals over melancholy plucks of a guitar. 

Written, recorded and produced in her bedroom, Mikara has always felt drawn to guitar melodies and the words from her diary just came spilling out. The simplicity in the production allows you to get lost in the intimate lyrics and mesmerizing hook. The song, “you’re gonna miss me” observes what it’s like to have your trust broken in what was wrongly believed to be a loving relationship. It tells the story of freeing yourself from the pain only a narcissist could give.

“Breaking up with your best friend HURTS. I went through the stages of heartbreak, anger and disappointment. I felt like I was trapped with these feelings, held hostage to a toxic relationship grasping for a sense of normalcy. It took some time but I’m finally free. I’ve started a new chapter and this is my rebirth.” – Mikara

Mikara has been performing out live since the age of 6. One of her most notable performances took place at the flagship Apple store in Union Square, San Francisco where she was chosen to represent AAPI artists for the Asian American Music Conference. She’s also a regular performer at Lodi Roc-Vemberfest. This past December, Mikara won celebrity voice coach Cari Cole’s 2021 Best New Artist contest with her 2020 release, “Time to Bloom.” She also won a scholarship for The Ride with multi-award-winning songwriter and world-renowned vocal coach Wendy Parr in March. Keep an eye out as Mikara plans to drop her debut EP later this year.

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