FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One Vo1ce releases independent single, “What If”


San Francisco, California – December 18, 2020 – Filipino American female vocal group “One Vo1ce”, closes the year with a new single release titled “What If”. In collaboration with music producer Dominic Agatep, the single is the first independent release of several new songs anticipated for release in 2021. Representing the group’s evolution to a new R&B sound with a hip-hop edge, One Vo1ce celebrates with an exclusive listening session at the Pinayista Holiday Party on Saturday, December 19 on Twitch.

One Vo1ce, today consists of members: Mae Ceralvo, Marie Ceralvo and Monica Castillo – who are original members when the group first formed in the 1990s. Having released the first single “All Day All Nite” (1998), debut album “Just The Beginning” (1999), second album “Sincerely Yours” (2001), and third album “Luvin’ You” (2004) – their releases including “When You Think About Me” reached the Top 100 Billboard Charts and was featured in films, television shows and regularly on radio stations throughout the US. Their success garnered much attention as one of the few Filipino American female groups in the mainstream music industry.

Re-inspired to create new music and by this past year’s events, “What If” encompasses the collective pain brought through tragedy, suffering, conflict, misunderstanding, racism, and social injustice – amplified by the isolation many continue to experience throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.  One Vo1ce states, “This song addresses the hard truth that we as a collective society still have a long way to go, and is a call to unity in the name of progress for the greater good.”

“What If” is now available streaming on all digital platforms.

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